Hugo Hoppmann
Grace Jones Typeface
Headline typeface in the two styles: Round and Square respectively titled Male and Female, based on the androgyny of legendary model, singer and actress Grace Jones.

Widely used by different designers including Bureau Mirko Borsche where I helped designing the first issue of Super Paper with the typeface. Used by many designers, magazines and agencies including Dwell US, Glamour France, Burda Verlag, Mac Cosmetics, Grandburo, Houston Group and named typeface of the month: “As if the band Kraftwerk would have interpreted a neo-classical antiqua typeface”

The project was also presented at Typographische Gesellschaft in Munich (video below). More background info in the blog 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Coverimage (c) Jean-Paul Goude.
The typeface is exclusively available in the shop.

(c) Verrecchia & Partners
Thomas Azier designs by Ben Roth

Super Paper designs (c) Bureau Mirko Borsche

(c) Glamour France

Hugo Hoppmann