Hugo Hoppmann


The subject of my diploma project was the visual identity of the local football club PIQTO UNITED where one of the main concepts was to visualize the importance of the individual’s position within the whole of a team.
I started with the creation of a new range of special jerseys where each player wears his own personalized graphic element and when aligned in a certain combination together with the team mates the different abstract elements are building a new motif together.
Originally, while searching for a strong, simple and effective graphic, the cross came up in regard to certain in-match situations e.g. to create new kinds of free kick walls (persuading a shoot in the middle of the cross). But also before the match to intimidate opponents with boldly showing unity. This was also underlined with our self-invented HAKA () which we performed in front of the ‘enemy’ before each match.

The whole visual concept aims to represent a powerful metaphor for an united team—if one’s missing—it’s not working.

I created four issues of a small publication for players and fans called PIQTO GAZETTE, divided into the different essential subjects when it comes to the specific identity of the club:

DIE STADT (the city), DIE MANNSCHAFT (the team), DIE ANHÄNGER (the supporters) and DIE REPORTAGE (the reportage).

Inside each magazine there are extensive photo series, interviews, background stories etc. showing the whole cosmos of the local football club and providing a deeper background to its environment.

→ PIQTO UNITED Gazette Issues 1–4 (see more)

→ PIQTO UNITED Action Posters (see more)
The posters are basically following the same concept — each player has its own specific visual identity which creates a unity when aligned together with the others. There are always the same ingredients combined: a photo of the player in action and a playful typographic interpretation of his name corresponding to his two most specific skills.

The first set of posters (see here) were printed in a large quantity and put on the walls throughout the city to mark our territory, aiming to provoke and intimidate the rival teams by showing presence and boldly propagating the skills and accordingly strong identities of the team members.

→ P.U. Brueder Typeface (see more)
Everything is set in a typeface I built named P.U. BRUEDER with a special focus on the numbers.

If you want to dig deeper into the project I recommend this interview I did with TWELFTH magazine.

Hugo Hoppmann